1Password for Teams Review

If you ever worked in a bigger company, if you’re sharing accounts with your family or if you just have a view websites with some friends you will be facing the same issues at a certain point: What password did we use for the VMWare webpage? What’s the password of the dropbox account? Luckily there is a company out there that recognized this need. Before talking about this product more in-depth, lets see what the most common options are: I have seen companies using (password protected) Excel spreadsheets or Keepass databases on a shared folder or simply using the same password for every service. As you may know they all have their cons: Using Keepass or a password protected Excel spreadsheet both sound like a cheap and secure solution, however it’s really hard to restrict the access: How can you make sure that your Account isn’t looking up you Domain Admin credentials? In addition two people can’t write to the same file; unless you are using Sharepoint and removing the password protection is as simple as unzipping a folder.

AgileBits the maker of the well know 1Password software published a beta product in November that addresses these issues and even more: It’s called 1Password for Teams.

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How to tune your guitar with Mac’s Garageband

The Love Song by Jean Antione Watteau linked form Wiki Commons uploaded by Andreagrossmann

In this Quick Tip I will show you how to tune your Guitar with your Mac. You only need GarageBand, which is part of your iLife Suite. iLife is pre-installed on newer Mac’s. Continue reading


How to control your raspberry using mac on-board tools (VNC-Connection)


VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a great way to control your raspberry pi remote from your MacBook. So you no longer have to plug in any keyboard or display into your raspberry. In this Step by Step guide we will only use on-board software, so that its not necessary to install any vnc-viewer. Let’s get Started… 🙂 Continue reading


How to access your raspberry pi easily from your mac (using onboard tools) in 9 Steps

If you are interested in setting up a VNC-Connection click here!

This short article is aimed to show you in nine steps how to access your raspberry pi from your mac via SSH connection. Let’s get started!

1. Connect your raspberry

What you need:
  • Power supply min 700 mA
  • Ethernet cable, connected to your network (Router)
  • Keyboard & mouse
  • HDMI-Cable connected to your screen
  • a SD Card with raspian image

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