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image to searchable pdf under linux

In today’s post we’ll turn a scan into a searchable pdf. We will start of with ordinary document scans and turn them into a sandwhich pdf. We will optimize the image files, combine them and write them to single pdf file, that allows text search. We will make use of advanced Google technology, so let’s get started…

Today you can choose between a video tut or an written article. It’s you to choose! 😀

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blender renderman linux


Installing RenderMan Server on ANY Linux System (Debian or Ubuntu)

As RenderMan is now free for non-commercial use we’ve at quaint got very excited. Unfortunately, Pixar is only offering a rpm package which is officially only supported by Red Hat Linux based systems like Fedora or CentOS. In this post I will show a way how to install RenderMan  on any Linux operating system like Debian or Ubuntu. In this example I will show the process under Debian. Let’s get started right away..

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Establish a vnc connection to your raspberry pi from a Linux-PC


VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a great way to control your raspberry pi remote from your Linux-PC. In this quick tip we are only using Linux on board tools. Benefits of a vnc connection: You don’t need to plug-in: keyboard, display or mouse. Continue reading


How to access your raspberry pi easily from your mac (using onboard tools) in 9 Steps

If you are interested in setting up a VNC-Connection click here!

This short article is aimed to show you in nine steps how to access your raspberry pi from your mac via SSH connection. Let’s get started!

1. Connect your raspberry

What you need:
  • Power supply min 700 mA
  • Ethernet cable, connected to your network (Router)
  • Keyboard & mouse
  • HDMI-Cable connected to your screen
  • a SD Card with raspian image

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ball in maze android game made with blender and Unity 3d-update

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Good day,

it’s been a while since we have updated our webpage. But we have brought some good news in our baggage…;-)  The last days we have worked on a .blend and a unity- file to do some testing on baking maps, exporting and coding. There is still some work to do to run everything smoothly. The scripting process is still not completely finished and the lighting for example could also do a bit of work, but anyway…

You can download the .blend in our download area. Note: This file is without the lettering. You can modify it, reuse it, throw it on the junk or just do with it what ever you want…

Please go to the download tab for downloading the files

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