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je suis paris


I was writing a personal ebook, when I heard about the horrible happenings in Paris. The pictures should burn in my head like 9/11. I am a pacifistic dude, therefore I wanted to create something, I could finish within a reasonable amount of time. Something unique. Something that goes beyond swapping your fb profile picture. Continue reading

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3d print inspired by nature


Lately I’ve been diving more and more into c++ and quant finance. But two weeks ago my m3d printer finally arrived after a year of waiting. On the day of arrival I decided to make a test print using a 3d model from an online ressource. But I felt very eager to create my own designs. In this article you can read how I created a 3d print inspired by nature using Blender and a procedural workflow.  Please feel free to read my review on the m3d printer here. Continue reading