How to install Windows 10 IoT on the Raspberry for Dummies

When the Raspberry Pi 2 was presented some time ago one of the biggest surprises, beside of the great hardware improvements were the news that Microsoft is planning to release their Windows 10 IoT for the Pi. You now can give it a try!

How to install casperjs on the raspberry pi

What is CasperJS? CasperJS is a navigation and testing utility¬†based on¬†phantomJS. phantomJS could be described as a headless browser offering automatic interaction with a website. It’s esspecially useful for testing purposes and development. PhantomJS is based on webkit. Keep in mind that that casperJs always requires phantomJS. But phantomJs doesn’t require casperJS. Possibilities? The possibilitiesContinue reading “How to install casperjs on the raspberry pi”

Raspberry Pi Tank (M1A2 Abrams)

RC Tank M1A2 Abrams controlled with raspberry pi The idea behind this project is to have a tank which can be controlled over the internet by using the gyroscope of a mobile phone or of a tablet. We already gathered some experience on this topic in our 4×4 Truck project. The icing on the cakeContinue reading “Raspberry Pi Tank (M1A2 Abrams)”