Installing RenderMan Server on ANY Linux System (Debian or Ubuntu)

As RenderMan is now free for non-commercial use we’ve at quaint got very excited. Unfortunately, Pixar is only offering a rpm package which is officially only supported by Red Hat Linux based systems like Fedora or CentOS. In this post I will show a way how to install RenderMan  on any Linux operating system likeContinue reading “Installing RenderMan Server on ANY Linux System (Debian or Ubuntu)”

Peter Guthrie giving free hdr’s away

We have recently played around with HDR’s by Peter Guthrie in Blender and Cyles. I’ve attached a render below. The scene is showcasing a classical room and a lamp model by chocofur. I mainly created this scene in order to test lighting with only a sunlamp and a hdr for the sky. I’ve used anContinue reading “Peter Guthrie giving free hdr’s away”

isometric images in Blender

While doing my attractors project, I accidently came across the drawings by M.C. Escher. I have seen some of his drawings earlier at a friend’s house, but didn’t realize that they were actually created by him. I sticked with the idea of creating impossible objects in Blender by myself but couldn’t think of a properContinue reading “isometric images in Blender”

Attractors created with Blender

One day ago I came across this project by “chaotic atmosphere”.  It really caught my attentation. Until then I’ve seen attractors several times and I was really eager to create a few own ones . The Lorentz attractor by Metrowind was probably  the very first attractor that I’ve seen in my life.  These areContinue reading “Attractors created with Blender”