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Order Amazon Add-on items without minimum order value

I have to admit that living in the US made me a big fan of Amazon Prime. One thing that annoyed me recently is that Amazon is listing more and more products as Add-on items. Which means you have to reach either minimum order value (MOV) of 25 Dollar or you have to order it along with a non Prime article. Luckily I discovered a way to resolve this issue. What you need is two different Amazon Add-on items, an Amazon Prime Account as well as two different shipping addresses (like your home address and PO-Box or your neighbours address). Just follow these six easy steps:

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1Password for Teams Review

If you ever worked in a bigger company, if you’re sharing accounts with your family or if you just have a view websites with some friends you will be facing the same issues at a certain point: What password did we use for the VMWare webpage? What’s the password of the dropbox account? Luckily there is a company out there that recognized this need. Before talking about this product more in-depth, lets see what the most common options are: I have seen companies using (password protected) Excel spreadsheets or Keepass databases on a shared folder or simply using the same password for every service. As you may know they all have their cons: Using Keepass or a password protected Excel spreadsheet both sound like a cheap and secure solution, however it’s really hard to restrict the access: How can you make sure that your Account isn’t looking up you Domain Admin credentials? In addition two people can’t write to the same file; unless you are using Sharepoint and removing the password protection is as simple as unzipping a folder.

AgileBits the maker of the well know 1Password software published a beta product in November that addresses these issues and even more: It’s called 1Password for Teams.

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blender renderman linux


Installing RenderMan Server on ANY Linux System (Debian or Ubuntu)

As RenderMan is now free for non-commercial use we’ve at quaint got very excited. Unfortunately, Pixar is only offering a rpm package which is officially only supported by Red Hat Linux based systems like Fedora or CentOS. In this post I will show a way how to install RenderMan  on any Linux operating system like Debian or Ubuntu. In this example I will show the process under Debian. Let’s get started right away..

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Import Map Markers Spreadsheet


Query Markers of jVector Map from Google Spreadsheet

Lately I’ve been more and more digging into web-developement especially JavaScript and jQuery. During my research for a jQuery Plugin to map geo positions I found jVectormap. jVectormap is a great jQuery library for creating interactive maps for a website. One thing I noticed thought, is that it can be really tiring adding all the markers by hand. In this post I will describe a easy and powerful way to solve this issue with help of Google Spreadsheets. You will end up with a 100% realtime solution.
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Tutorial: How to create a timer in Unity 3D with JavaScript in Unity 5

This short written tutorial is aimed to show you in a few easy steps how to code a timer in Unity 3 D.  You can easily modify the script by doing minor changes. This tutorial will make use of the new Unity UI System that was introduced in Unity 4.6f. Its also tested with Unity 5 and works just fine.
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