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Blender3D Attractor Fun

Blender3D Attractor fun

Some while ago I found a really cool add on called attractor for Blender3D and yesterday I had some sparetime to give it a try. The image above shows what I came up with. Any thoughts? 🙂

Cheers Alex


How to tune your guitar with Mac’s Garageband

The Love Song by Jean Antione Watteau linked form Wiki Commons uploaded by Andreagrossmann

In this Quick Tip I will show you how to tune your Guitar with your Mac. You only need GarageBand, which is part of your iLife Suite. iLife is pre-installed on newer Mac’s. Continue reading

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Nuts and bolts with blender and Unity 3d written in Java

Java-Script for animating an Bolt in Unity 3D

quaintproject.wordpress.com fall 2012

Hey guys,

Quaintproject comes up with a new java script. We developed that simple but very handy script during the process of further developing our Ball in Maze Game.

This script can be used quite randomly, you can use it for arrows which show you the finish. You could also use it for Bolts and Nuts like we did. This time you have the choice between watching our tutorial or copy and paste.  Give it a try! Continue reading