About us

Alexander BilzAlexander Bilz

Alexander is a skilled MAC and Linux-User, focusing on coding with JavaScript and C#. He finished his apprenticeship as an IT Administrator in 2014. At Quaint he is responsible for the integration of the Blender datas into Unity and Coding! Quaint’s coder started with Visual Basic, then changed to Python, he developed skills in C#. What will be the next? 🙂 By being an active member in numerous forums he is always good informed about upcoming technologies and willing to help other people with technical problems. Aside from technology he is interested in art, music, photography and travelling to desirable places.

Want to find out more about him?
Check out his website: www.alexbilz.com

Markus Bilzmarkus

Markus’ passion is graphic design and 3d Design. Furthermore he is interested in classical painting which inspires his artworks. “My believe is that design should be mostly attractive and not only functional”, that’s what he says about himself.

Ever since I have enjoyed solving problems and building things out of wood in my dad’s workshop.  I’d like to share my latest experiments, code,  renders, paintings, 3d prints and doodles in the field of classical art, CG and sience with you. To inspire you but to also help you out with problems you come across. I kind of regard sharing information (e.g. writing articles) without any adds and for free on your own website as altruism in 21st century.
I mainly experiment with open source software. For most of the shown renders Blender and Cycles was used. Often Gimp, Krita and others came in handy as well.

Want to find out more about him? Check out his website: http://www.markusbilz.com