Order Amazon Add-on items without minimum order value

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I have to admit that living in the US made me a big fan of Amazon Prime. One thing that annoyed me recently is that Amazon is listing more and more products as Add-on items. Which means you have to reach either minimum order value (MOV) of 25 Dollar or you have to order it along with a non Prime article. Luckily I discovered a way to resolve this issue. What you need is two different Amazon Add-on items, an Amazon Prime Account as well as two different shipping addresses (like your home address and PO-Box or your neighbours address). Just follow these six easy steps:

Add your products to the shopping cart. Make sure you have at least two different products and one’s quantity is high enough to exceed the Subtotal of $25. In this example I want to buy one pack of Slim Jim and one SanDisk Thumbdrive. I increased the Slim Jim Quantity to 7 in order to reach the $25.


Click on “Proceed to checkout”

On the Shipping & Payment page select “Ship to multiple addresses”


Select a different address for your two products in my example I am using my primary one for the SanDisk Cruzer Blade and my secondary for all the SlimJim. Click on continue.


On the next page Click on “Change quantities or delete” and delete all but one of the SlimJims by clicking on delete. After you are done click on continue.
New Quantities

Select your payment method and place your order.

Please let us know if this trick worked for you. Feel free to share and comment.


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