je suis paris

je suis paris


I was writing a personal ebook, when I heard about the horrible happenings in Paris. The pictures should burn in my head like 9/11. I am a pacifistic dude, therefore I wanted to create something, I could finish within a reasonable amount of time. Something unique. Something that goes beyond swapping your fb profile picture.

I wanted to carve something from wod, craft something with my hands and mind… I finally ended up moving vertices in Blender’s viewport and pushing 3d files to my Micro3d printer. After hours of hours printing, it was finished. I had created something very, very simple, probably not worth writing about. But what counts for me, is the message not the complexity. I put this up with  a small paper in my hometown. Learn more in the making of.

Making of

I started by gathering some 3d models of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is (at least for me) the most iconic building in Paris. The 3d models were pretty decent, but pretty hard to print in a small scale without losing all the details of the building structure. I started decimating the mesh by leaving out most of the structural details. From left to right you can follow the evolution of my Eiffel Tower. The mesh is manifold, hollow and pretty easy to print with some support structure.  I was missing details, so I continued working. I did some drafts of a machine gun with a broken shaft.

eiffel tower 3d model

While scrolling through the images my brother send me from his NY trip, I came across the “knotted wappon” in front of the UN headquaters. This was a WOW Moment. The knoted version would be easier to print and had a much clearer message. So I did some recycling of a knot from an old project. I tried to show contrast by using hard edges and planar surfaces. Both elements can be sticked together with a nut-pin combo.



Final thoughts

On sunday evening (2 days after) I’ve put my sculpt in front of my local town hall, to remind the citizens of my city of  peacefulness and tolerance. I really hope that the world doesn’t have to face such a cruel act of human behavior, even though there is only little chance. My sympathy is with the ones, who lost their loved ones. Completion (01-2016): My action didn’t have much of an impact. Anyway it feels good to have done something. What have you done to show your sympathy? What would you have done differently? Tell me in the comments.

If you want you can download the simplified version of my Eiffel Tower. It’s 3x3x7 cm.


3 thoughts on “je suis paris

  1. Two pictures are not showing. The “knot” and the “tower enhanced” – does it look ok on your side or is it my device? Very curious to see it.

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    1. Hi Jenny, unfortunately it’s not just you. The images are not available. I am trying to restore them later in the day. Sorry, for the inconvenience. Best, Markus


    2. Hi Jenny,

      thanks for pointing out that the images weren’t visible anymore.
      I was able to restore them. Please let me know if you’re now able to see them.



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