Attractors created with Blender

Attractors created with Blender

One day ago I came across this project by “chaotic atmosphere”.  It really

caught my attentation. Until then I’ve seen attractors several times and I was really eager to create a few own ones . The Lorentz attractor by Metrowind was probably  the very first attractor that I’ve seen in my life.  These are my final results after a day of trail and error. I hope you enjoy like them.


Making of


Modelling was really simple the only thing that’s been done manually was filling and bevelling the capends when needed. The rest was done by this wonderful plugin. I’ve tweaked the values a bit created some bevel object, that’s been used all over the images above and et voila!


The Blender scene is light with four point lights with different colours. I also added some environment lighting to improve the overall look.


By default the plugin returns a curve. Though curves can be textured in Blender, I decided to convert it to an editable mesh and do some standard unwrapping. For unwrapping I used the “follow active quads option”. If you want to learn more about it’s function check out my article about rendering with Nox.

Texturing itself was pretty straight forward as well. I used some arrowway textures to give this some realistic wood look. I mixed some Cylces diffuse with some Glossy shader.  I used the fresnel information as a factor.


Rendering & PostPro

Rendering was done with Cylces. I haven’t done any postproduction within Blender. The actual finetuning was done using GIMP and Lightroom. Lightroom was used to get the wightbalance right and to add a subtle vignette effect. But this could have been done without Lightroom as well.

LEGO shadercomposition-1024x1024



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