3d model of osso chair made with blender and cycles

3d model of osso chair made with blender and cycles

I’ve recently finished modelling the osso chair in Blender.  Initially I started modelling this chair for my ongoing ArchViz-project. In this article I’ll describe modelling, texturing and rendering this wonderful piece of furniture briefly. At the end of this post you’ll also find a download link to use this chair in your ArchViz projects.


Modelling the Osso chair was rather straight forward. I started by retopologizing a 3d mesh from Hermann Miller. As the original topology was pretty much screwed up and as it was lacking detail, I decided to only use it as a rough guideline  for my mesh. So started by using some poly by poly workflow. After having a closed mesh I bevelled the edges manually. Due to the organic shape of the chair it makes heavy use of the subdivision surface modifier.

osso chair 3d model

Texturing of the osso chair

Before texturing comes unwrapping. I used traditional unwrapping methods. For the back of the chair for example the “project from view” method is used along with some angle based unwrapping. The original chair is being shipped with some maple, ash and oak finish. Mattiazzi also ships the chair with some pink, green, black, white or grey finishing. To achieve a photo realistic result, I used textures that were downloaded from arroway-textures and slightly modified. These textures have been shared by the original author under a cc-by lisence.

Rendering of the osso chair

The rendering was pretty simple. I’ve appended some wooden floor to my scene and plugged in some background and a curtain created by jzsadvid. For lighting I used my standard studio setup and some .hdr by Peter Guthrie. Across this post you can see several untouched renders.

osso chair 3d model

Free download of the Osso chair 3d model

The .blend contains a detailed, fully unwrapped mesh. A basic Cycles wood shader is included as well. As I’ve written, I’ve used textures by  arroway-textures which I slightly modified. Please buy their textures if you are using this chair for some commercial project. Feel free to download the 3d model. You can find it on Blendswap (requires log-in) or here.


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