Mandelbulber 3D

Mandelbulber 3D

fractal 3d blender mandelbulber

This was my first usable result after playing around with Mandelbulber 3D for a few hours. Mandelbulber 3D was already installed on my PC for quite a while but I never really used it. Now I have updated to a later version, supporting Open GL. Mandelbulber 3D is really powerful, allowing you to create all kinds of fractals. I really wish there was a proper export function to export hypercomplex models to Blender 3D or Autodesk Maya… There are other fractal generators out there, that allow you to export obj like Incendia. Some only allow you to export Voxel Data. Remeshing this Voxel Data won’t be that easy with common methods.

One word about fractals and Blender 3D. In the past there used to be a few scripts allowing you to create fractals like the menger sponge or the Jerusalem cube. Obviously none of them seems to work under Blender 2.6 and it’s also not estimated that those Phython scripts will work under Blender 2.7 again, due to some Python API Changes. Maybe I will have to rewrite some of the scripts to make use of them. Do you know some Phython scripts that allow creating fractals under Blender 2.6 or higher? Yes, please post in the comments! 🙂

If appreciated I can post a quite “How to” on this website.

This is how Mandelbulber 3D looks like when installed 😀

mandelbulber 3D screenshot

Cheers Markus

PS: I called my final image strawberry cake fractal, as I used an image of a strawberry cake for the colours. 🙂


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