Creating 3d magazines with blender



As I am still working  on my ARCHVis (which will hopefully be finished soon ;-)) I was searching for some good 3d models of magazines to place them on the kitchen table. Unfortunately I didn’t find any that met my requirements, so created my own ones.  There is one on blendswap, for my opinion it’s a bit to angled but it’s with checking it out anyway. You can find our version in our Download Area with slightly different textures.

I started of with a simple, slightly deformed cube. I used some hooks and lattices to deform the basic shape of the magazine and make it look more interesting.  With less effort you can even swap the covers and the pages to make it fit to your design. What I did is, I have taken several magazines and an old scanner and started scanning. For those who are interested I used an application called Simple Scan which works quite well under Linux and it delivered me some decent results.  I created scans of the front cover, the back cover, the spine of the book and of several pages. For scanning I used the German issues of the Cosmopolitan and the Petra magazine. The texture for the “pile” of paper was created with GIMP. I basically used a white 600 px x 300 px wide white image, added a noise filter and scaled the image along the y-axis. I have attached a few screen shots to show 3d models and the textures. I will probably upload the files to blendswap with different textures  to make them available for everybody and for free. 🙂

Here you can see an open magazine:

Open GL render of magazine created with Blender


3d model of a magazine created with Blender and rendered with Cycles.

…and a closed version:


Closed magazine created with blender and rendered with Cycles.

Here you can see all the 3d-models that I have created:


Screenshot of Blender. (Showing the material setup)


Render showing all the 3d-Models that I have created

I hope you like this short post. Tell us what you think about it!


11 thoughts on “Creating 3d magazines with blender

  1. hi, i nominated you for the dragon’s loyalty award, http://zbrushfun.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/dragons-loyalty-award/, since i love your blog with the mixed informations, and i loved that i received constructive critique from you. thank you!


  2. Hi! I love this. Is it still available for download?


  3. Thank you so much!!! This will be just what I need!!!


  4. Hello. Is there any way to download the magazine ? The new link is no longer working for me. It looks AMAZING !


  5. Hi,
    Could you upload the files please?
    They are great.



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