How to schedule a job on the raspberry pi

In this example I would like to restart my raspberry pi every night at 12 pm.
For this usage a crontab can be really handy. If you are interested in how to get it working, follow this guide:

Before starting with the crontab,  make sure to make a

 sudo chmod 755

on your particular script (in my case

The script looks like this:

sudo reboot

1.  View your crontab file.

sudo crontab -e

2.Now comes the point where we can schedule our script:

Put this line at the end of the file.

0 23 * * * <path_to_your_script>/

For your understanding:

1.M   2.H     3.D     4.M     5.W
1. M = minute  (0 - 59)2. S = hour (0 - 23)3. D = day     (1 - 31)4. M = month   (1 - 12)5. W=weekday (0 - 7) (Sonntag is represented by 0 and 7)

3. Save

Thats it, The script will be running every midnight.

If you have any questions about the crontab or any other Pi Topic, feel free to comment.
Cheers Alex

31 thoughts on “How to schedule a job on the raspberry pi

  1. Thanks much for this. It’s very helpful. Is it possible to add multiple scheduled jobs in this one file? Do I just enter each onto its own line or do this some other way?


    1. Peter I have also the same question. I have a question I want to schedule my home automation system. I am using Raspberry pi 3 with 8 channel Relay. I want to achieve that
      I want Relay 1 to turn On at 00:00:00 for 1 hour and then again at 04:00:00 for one hour (I mean every 4 hour).
      I want to turn On Relay 2 at 00:00:00 for 8 hours.
      Please can you help me in this regards or share your code.


    1. Hi Lungelo,
      did you make sure that you’ve saved the before? Further notice, that your file has to be in the same directory (home directory for example), from which you run the ‘sudo chmod ….’ command. Otherwise you would need to make a ‘cd’ to your appropriate directory. I hope this helps you. 🙂


    1. Sorry Francescos for this horrible late reply. Your comment seem to be forgotten. We are eager to help you, but could you please explain what exactly you want to do? Thank you. Cheers 😀


  2. Hi, can a script be scheduled to only run between certain hours every day? For example to run between 8am and 8pm, then start again the next day etc. Many thanks.


    1. Hi,

      yes that is possible!

      Simply change it to the following:

      0 8-20/1 * * * /

      This would restart the pi every hour in the time from 8am to 8pm.

      Another way (less beautiful, but working):

      0 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 * * * /

      I hope this helps you.



  3. Hi i know this is about cronjob but can you help me with this I want to make a script whereas on boot a script searches for a file that has the raspberry pi serial number and if the file doesn’t have the raspberry pi serial number make the raspberry pi go into a boot loop.


    1. Hey Bobby thanks for your comment. Unfortunatelly I cant provide you a working script, as my pi is currently built in, but what you could do is to create a custom shell script and Start it Form RC.local.


    2. Hey Bobby, you have asked a pretty interesting question. We are almost 100 % sure that a task like this should be doable. Unfortunately I currently just don’t have the time to figure a stable solution out. 😦 You may want to post your question on the raspberry pi forum though. I could imagine that people have tried similar things in the past. Kind regards Markus


  4. Hi there.
    Im trying to get crontab to work, it just seems like it wont for me, basicly it doesnt execute anything at all.

    this is my crontab file sudo crontab -e

    0 16 * * * /home/pi/
    11 21 * * * /home/pi/
    05 06 * * * /home/pi/
    05 08 * * * /home/pi/
    19 20 * * * /usr/bin/

    ive tested different times just to see wether it uses my local time or UTC. what ever i try it doesnt work.

    This is the script in the file.

    sudo pigpiod
    pigs p 18 1
    sleep 1
    pigs p 18 2
    sleep 1
    pigs p 18 3
    sleep 1
    pigs p 18 4
    sleep 1
    pigs p 18 5


    1. Hey Brian,

      thanks for your comment.

      The reason why it is not working can have various causes.
      -Please try to run the call the script from the terminal and check if its working. Does it work there?
      -In your crontab file you seem to have multiple locations for your scripts (usr/bin/ and /home/) is this correct?
      -You could try to remove the sudo (before pigpiod) as the sudo crontab will automatically run the script with superuser privileges.


    2. Hi there thanks for your quick answer.

      The reason i called the script from different locations was because i read that cron might have trouble using my home folder, hence i tryed putting it in another place aswell.

      I figured out why my script didnt work. I might have had serveral mistakes in it.
      But to start off for others, i put in date >>/home/pi/sunrise.log in the beginning of the script to see if it was run.
      It was run at that time but just stopped before my commands was run.

      Then i read that tabs instead of spaces could give me some problems. Since i wrote the script in and excell file to make the 1 – 2 – 3 faster to type in.
      I changed the tabs to spaces.

      When all that was done it still didnt work.

      Then i added


      in the beginning of my script and it started working. I guess the reason is that cron don’t know the general linux commands.

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    3. Hey there, thanks for letting us know how you were able to solve your problem.
      The reason why you had to add #!/bin/sh at the beginning is that almost every linux comes with different shells (like Bash and Dash).
      Cheers Alex

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  5.         Why not just put this in crontab 


    then have this in

    Automaticly shutdown at 11pm

    shutdown -h 23:00



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