Creating nice ruffles in Blender

In spring this year a community member asked on the BlenderGuru Facebook page how to create  beautiful ruffles in Blender. We have found a solution for this challenge that even doesn’t involve a cloth simulation. As we thought this could be also interesting for other Blender users we decided to post it here, to make it available for everybody.


Screenshot of the BlenderGuru-Facebookpage

Our Solution

Making use of a Lattice and other techniques in Blender 3D.

1.Create one single ruffle. I have used a modified, subdivided plane.

2.Add an array modifier. Set the number as needed.

3.Add a curve to your scene. You might also want to use a bezier circle. Take your ruffle and apply a curve modifier.

4.Press Shift+A to add in a lattice. Subdivide the lattice by going to the Object Data Panel. Set U, V, and W- values to 3.

5.Finally select your ruffles first and then your lattice and press Ctrl. +P, select “lattice transform”. Et Voila: Now you can tweak the ruffles by adjusting the geometry of the lattice without having to change anything at the ruffles’s geometry. You can adjust the shape of your lattice by going into Edit-Mode (Tab) and doing some transformations like grabbing (g) and scaling (s).

I hope this will help you when modelling clothes and ruffles in Blender. 🙂 You have questions?-Just post a comment then!


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