How to tune your guitar with Mac’s Garageband

The Love Song by Jean Antione Watteau linked form Wiki Commons uploaded by Andreagrossmann

In this Quick Tip I will show you how to tune your Guitar with your Mac. You only need GarageBand, which is part of your iLife Suite. iLife is pre-installed on newer Mac’s.

It’s best to use an external microphone or a headset instead of your Mac’s microphone as the results will be better.

step 1:

Open GarageBand and choose Acoustic Instrument


step 2:

Create a new project. It’s best to save this folder on your Desktop or in any other place that can be accessed easily so that you can remove this folder easily after tuning your guitar.


step 3:

Click on this button 3_erläuterung at the bottom edge of your screen. Then select Tuner.


step 4:

Now you are ready to go…  The red bar shows you that E is out of tune. That means you either have to lower or tune your guitar up.

stimmen1  stimmen3

A blue letter respectively note indicates your guitar is perfectly tuned.


I hope this quick tip was great help for you. If you have a question, just post a comment 🙂


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