Update on Ball in Maze Game

It’s been some time since we have updated our ball in maze game made with Blender, Inkscape, Gimp and Unity 3D. Now we have uploaded a new version with great improvements. Check out the “what’s new… section to learn about the changes.

We have produced a little screencast to demo you all the features. Hope you like it! πŸ™‚

The project’s files will be soon published in the download area.

what’s new…

  • we have improved the graphics and the physics
  • there are more more levels to play with a different degree of difficulty
  • you are now able to save your highscores
  • we have integrated a timer
  • collision and drop sounds were added
  • better aim indication

what we learned…

  • how to make sounds depent on events
  • how to use playerprefabs
  • how to get sharp textures in Unity
  • how to tweak Unity’s webplayer ex post
  • how to code an random color array (an article will follow on this topic very soon)

the process

The modeling is quite simple. Sloppy spoken, the mesh is set up just of cubes with some adjustments. Only the playing field was a bit more difficult to create. We have used a flattened cube with a boolean modifier on it and several cylinders which worked as placeholders. Pre-subdividing the mesh helped us to get some quite clear geometry. The textures are based on real, self-made wood pictures which were modified in Gimp. Β The next step was to bake the textures in Blender. The lettering was created with Inkscape. We used an ambient occlusion map to get the right feeling for where holes are and where obstacles are placed. Next we have just merged the files together and applied the Textures to the mesh. Finally we have exported the object in two seperate pieces (frame and obstacles) to Unity 3D. Java- Scripting was again done in Mono Develop.

Check out the weblinks to learn more about the used software.

let’s take a look at some screenshots…


levelΒ 2 3

unity 3D

4 5 6


2 thoughts on “Update on Ball in Maze Game

    1. Hi there. Thank you for your comments. No unfortunatelly we didn’t use Unity on Ubuntu nor did we create a linux build of our game. We only used Blender and GIMP under Linux to to the modelling and texturing. πŸ˜€ Cheers Markus


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