ball in maze android game made with blender and Unity 3d- update 2

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II. update of our pre-project

The last days we have worked on a ball in maze test scene for getting a bit more into unity and game coding. Things are now working smoothly and  all coding errors should be solved.

First there were greazy bugs like when you fell through the hole with the ball the whole game started to crash. Sitting in front of the screen searching through the lines of code and the properties is sometimes quite painstaking but that’s the only way to learn it:-) Having the malefactor found is often quite fun…

Apropos learning… Let’s see what we’ve learned the last days:

-How to import meshes and textures
-How to use GUI-Textures
-How to set up Mesh-colliders
-How to create an achievementsystem (at this point thanks to Patrick Boelens)
-How to script Java Scripts working with the accelerometer
-How to export for Android

Let’s  mention some resources which we found were great help.

-www.unity3d.com, API Scripting Reference

To sum up we’d like to add that we think that this testscene will be a great benefit for the final game itself.

We’ll soon upload the. apk, a short video and a webplayerversion just in case you have no Android;-)


PS: Check out our screenshots…

Our game running on a Acer iconia a 200 Tablet…

…and some more snapshots.


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