ball in maze android game made with blender and Unity 3d-update

ball in maze android game made with blender and Unity 3d-update

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Good day,

it’s been a while since we have updated our webpage. But we have brought some good news in our baggage…;-)  The last days we have worked on a .blend and a unity- file to do some testing on baking maps, exporting and coding. There is still some work to do to run everything smoothly. The scripting process is still not completely finished and the lighting for example could also do a bit of work, but anyway…

You can download the .blend in our download area. Note: This file is without the lettering. You can modify it, reuse it, throw it on the junk or just do with it what ever you want…

Please go to the download tab for downloading the files

The process

The modeling is quite simple. Sloppy spoken, the mesh is set up just of cubes with some adjustments. Only the playing field was a bit more challenging to create. The textures are based on real, self-made wood pictures which were modified in Gimp.  The next step was to bake the textures in Blender. The lettering was created with Inkscape. Finally we just merged the files together, applied the Textures to the unwraped mesh and rendered it out in Clyles. The results can be seen below.

Of course we exported the mesh to Unity 3D to do some testing on scripting. First we tried to export it as a fbx.-file but there were some problems with the shading, so we finally used the collada-format for exporting. It turned out to be fine for the thing we were heading for.

You have questions on the used software, just check out these weppages!:-)

Here are some Screenshots. Have fun.

quaintproject, blender, unity, cycles, baked textures, teaser, new release
Modeling done with Blender. Rendered in Cyles. Textures were created with Gimp and Inkscape.

quaintproject, unity, blender, texture map, bump mape, open source

baked texture maps, Blender, Unity, Windows
The scene in Blender. Maps were baked.

quaintproject, Blender, normal map, free, open sourcequaintproject, Blender, Texture map, Ball in Maze, Unity


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