Fix Black Login screen in Windows 10

I recently wanted to deploy a custom login image for a bunch of Windows 10 machines using Group Policy Objects. The GPO I'd created was working fine on seven out of ten testlab-devices. The other three however only showed the following image. What I've tried: I tried really everything from setting the Performance Settings by... Continue Reading →


1Password for Teams Review

If you ever worked in a bigger company, if you're sharing accounts with your family or if you just have a view websites with some friends you will be facing the same issues at a certain point: What password did we use for the VMWare webpage? What's the password of the dropbox account? Luckily there is... Continue Reading →

je suis paris

Intro I was writing a personal ebook, when I heard about the horrible happenings in Paris. The pictures should burn in my head like 9/11. I am a pacifistic dude, therefore I wanted to create something, I could finish within a reasonable amount of time. Something unique. Something that goes beyond swapping your fb profile picture.... Continue Reading →

summer portrait [WIP]

This is a WIP-post on a portrait I've been working on. I'd started this painting some time ago to steadily improve my painting skills. The Acryl painting features my lovely sister on a 50 by 70 canvas. In this post I'd like to compose a few thoughts on this and on a past and yet... Continue Reading →

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